The Golden Seam

There once was a Japanese shogun, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, who dropped his favourite tea bowl. He sent it off to be repaired, and by the time he got it back it had sparked a new tradition: kintsugi, the ancient art of golden joinery. Where its cracks had been, there were now seams of precious metal – each one telling the story of where the bowl had come from, and what it had seen.

Seam Conservation Studio specialises in the careful restoration and conservation of paper, ceramic and textile artefacts, big and small, no matter how valuable. We are inspired by the philosophy that a frayed or damaged piece of art is not flawed but improved by the mark of having been repaired. To us, everything that has been broken is beautiful, and we know that when we restore an object, we are respecting its past, admiring its present, and celebrating its future.

About Me

I’m a professional conservator of objects in Somerset West, Cape Town. I’ve trained at the SA Institute of Objects Conservation, and I specialise in ceramics and paper restoration. This site is where I showcase a few of the artefacts I’ve worked on.

I’ve helped conserve a wide variety of objects – from Springbok and other rugby jerseys to posters, etchings, paintings, photographs and various ceramic objects. Have a look at my Gallery for an idea of the scope of my work.

In keeping with my training from the SA Institute of Objects Conservation, I conduct all of my restoration work and business practice according to a comprehensive Code of Ethics, which help me to meet the requirements of my clients while tending to the needs of each object, too. If you’d like to find out more about the restoration process, you can read those guidelines here.

If you have something you really love (a piece of sporting memorabilia, a delicate vase or tea set, for example, or maybe an old photograph or painting) and you think it needs some careful attention or mending, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by clicking on the Contact link.